Details for the home games

Sherrin Footy

We have finalized the details for next two home games. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

Sept 6: Houston Lonestars and LSU tailgating

The game will be held at the BREC J.S. Clark Park Golf Course at 10 am. Tailgating for the LSU v Sam Houston game to follow will be held on the LSU Parade Grounds starting around 2 pm. We will set up the tail gate near the trees located to the north of the flag poles. Look for the Australian flag. The tailgate will include all you can eat jambalaya, beer, and sodas. Prices will be $20 for the guys and $10 for the ladies.

2301 Thomas Rd
Baton Rouge, LA 70807
Sept 20: Atlanta Kookaburras and LSU tailgating

The details for this game are the same as the Houston game. The game will be held at the BREC J.S. Clark Park Golf Course at 10 am. Tailgating for the LSU v Mississippi State game to follow will be held on the LSU Parade Grounds starting around 2 pm.

November 8: Louisville Kings and LSU tailgating

We have not finalized details for this game. Check back in the future for more updates. This will be the biggest LSU games this season with the LSU Tigers playing Alabama!

1st Home Game of 2014

That’s right, after 3 away games and 2 official scrimmages we are now having our 1st home game of 2014. It’s against The Houston LoneStars on Sat June 14th at a brand new venue.

The game will be held at 2 pm at the LSU Rec field 3, just behind the LSU Rec Center, between West Lakeshore Drive and South Campus Drive. The game starts at 2pm with the traditional after party fundraiser starting at 7 downtown at 630 Royal St.

For a mere $10 you’ll get all the world famous Tigers Jambalaya, salad, beer and soda’s you can handle, + music, fun, streaming AFL games and random acts of entertainment that you just won’t see anywhere else. We’ll feed you, quench your thirst and make you laugh. So grab a friend and come watch this great international game being played locally, cheer on the home team and then join us afterwards for some fun.

Hello, Houston

Tomorrow afternoon at 1pm, the Baton Rouge Tigers take on the Houston Lonestars in the second of four matches this season.  The Tigers took the first match on the Houston gun ranges, but both teams are sure to have improved both their personnel and skills.

Baton Rouge welcomes back key player James Kavanaugh, who’ll see a reduced workload as he recovers from a torn calf muscle, and Nathan Lane, who rejoins the squad after a successful refereeing stint.  Also returning is second-year player Ruben Nambo.

Assistant coach Neil Stebbing will roam the sidelines due to a foot injury sustained in the Tigers’ recent loss to the Austin Crows.

Match location: Clark Park @ 1pm.

Afterparty: Puncher’s in downtown Baton Rouge from 6-9pm.  All you can eat and drink, $20 for guys, $10 for women.

The Crows Are Coming…

After two weeks of regrouping from their no-win double-header in Dallas, the Red Stick’s own Tigers are gearing up for a hard-hitting rematch in their home opener against the Austin Crows.

After weeks of negligible rain, the Clark Park pitch should run fast and hot.  Thankfully, though, the predicted temperature at the start of the match is 80 degrees, a fair bit cooler than in recent days.

The Tigers are looking to repeat last season’s home victory over the Crows and shore up their current 1-2 record.  Again, the boys from Baton Rouge will blood a number of recruits but some familiar faces will also see action for the first time this season.  Hard-charging Aaron LaRose will spend time in the halfback line and in the midfield while Mason Adam will open his 2010 campaign on the wing.  The Irishman, James Morris will bring his slick Gaelic-inspired skills and a raking left boot to the fullback line.  Michael “Pele” Bruckner will also dust off the boots.

Training efforts have been redoubled to improve fitness and skills as the Tigers enter the middle portion of a schedule that sees the Old Blue and Gold contest 5 matches in a span of 10 weeks.

Centreman and current favorite for this year’s Best and Fairest, Minnesota James Kavanaugh will get no further to the action than the sidelines as he nurses a fractured shin.  Veterans Joe Roy, Rob Montanaro, and Neil Stebbing will fill the void from the backlines while forward Jeff “Peepers” Phillips looks to lead the Tigers’ push to goal.

Game time: 1pm at Clark Park.  From 110: exit 8A for LA -19, turn right at LA-19/Scotland Ave, after 1.5 miles, turn right on Thomas Road.  Field is visible immediately, turn into parking lot on left.

Afterparty: 6-9 pm at Puncher’s Bar in downtown Baton Rouge. 421 3rd Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802-5539
All you can eat and drink (jambalaya and beer) special: $20 for men, $10 for women.
All you can eat only: $10.

Crawfish Cup Tourney pt. II

After falling to the Magpies in the curtain-raiser of the Crawfish Cup tourney, the Tigers looked to recoup while Austin played Dallas in a rematch of last season’s Division 3 grand final.  In that match, the wind remained a major factor, although the ‘Pies managed to scored the only goal of the day against the stiff breeze.

But the Magpies class won out again and the Tigers looked to take advantage of a battle-weary Austin side.

Unfortunately, the coin flip landed in favor of the Crows and they started with the 5-goal wind.  The rucks and midfielders steadied a bit for the Tigers after getting handled in the first match, but the god-damned wind smothered clearances, kick-outs, and any ball traveling more than 10 feet off the ground seemed to be inevitably buffeted back into the hands of the Crows.

The Tiger backlines played reasonably well despite giving up 11 scoring shots to Austin.  For their part, the Crows were only able to take 2 goals for their efforts and headed into the break ahead only 2.9 (21) to 0.0 (0).

And here the wind would die down a bit, leaving Baton Rouge with a bit less of an edge than Mother Nature had given all day.  The Tigers clawed back into the match, stringing together some clean passages of play while suppressing the Crows’ forward drive.  But the combined the combined Houston/BR squad revealed no true match winners despite the relentless work of Minnesota Kavanaugh across the midfield, some more contested ball winning from Justin Vaughn and occasional spots of brilliance from Stebbing, Holwerda, and Daz Duhnke among others.

In the end, the Tigers would spend almost all of the second half in front of goal but were left wanting, managing 1.3 (9) on the day.

Best: Kavanaugh, Justin Vaughn, Holwerda.