Tunica Hills Run July 31st

Clark Creek Nature Area

Saturday Morning July 31st @ 10 am, half a dozen guys and girls + dogs etc from the Tigers met at Footy Central for the 45 minute trek up to Tunica Hills national park to hike and run the trails and then on to an afternoon of BBQing by the pool. Our departure was delayed by calls from Joey and Big Dave saying that they were on their way and by 11 we were on the road with plans to meet the stragglers en route. Full marks to Big Dave for tracking us down on the drive up, but then we lost him at a pit stop and the game of hide and seek started that would last most of the rest of the day, first spotting his car at Tunica then him finally meeting us at Flea’s place 4 hours later. As anyone who’s ever been up to the hiking trails at “Clark Creek Nature area” knows, there is no cell coverage for miles, so once you’re lost, you’re on your own.

After a little difficulty actually finding the start of the hiking trail we were off for a run down into the shade but increasing heat of a very beautiful but different landscape for Louisiana.

What followed after the miraculous appearance of the Mighty Joey was a 90 minute run down trails, through 3 waterfalls, along creek beds and finally a run/walk back up to the top. All in all a good hard run with some great guys and girls through a really pretty, but challenging landscape not far from Baton Rouge.

Then it was off to try to find Flea’s country retreat and settle in for the arvo by the pool with the smells of BBQ in the background and cold beers in the cooler. More Tigers met us there including Flea and Aaron on crutches from his summer soccer escapades.

All in all a good run, pretty scenery and a nice way to spend a Saturday arvo, and a good change to the training schedule. Thanks to Flea for having us over, good on ya to all that showed, especially nice to see Dazza, Dara, Spider, Minnesota, ROTC Mike, Neil and Kyle and again good effort to Joey and Big Dave for tracking us down as well as all the others that showed.

Good times were had by all and definitely something to do again next year.


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