Prepping up for the 2011 season!

With the season just around the corner we are getting everything together for a successful 2011. Coming up we’ll have a few casual intro training sessions and then the Annual Pre-season Barbie. Official training will start following that.

Any and all who’d like to come out and see what this awesome sport is all about are invited to come and give it a try.
Once you come out, footy fever will get you and you’ll be hooked as well!

Saturday, February 19th – Start of year BBQ
Sunday, February 20th – 1st Official Training Session, 1pm @ Westdale Middle School, then Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 @ Highland Rd BREC(see trainging schedule for more details)

Start of season BBQ will be held at 630 Royal St, Baton Rouge, LA 70802, Starting at 7pm. We’ll grill, explain the sport and watch a game. So if you’re interested in finding out a bit about this fabulous sport, grab a mate and come on by, everyone’s welcome. Just look for the Aussie Flag!!!

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