1st Metro League Match Report

Sunday March 13th @ 1pm saw the gathering for the 1st Metro League Scratch Match for 2011. Despite low numbers an exciting if exhausting game for the players unfolded which fulfilled all the expectations, requirements and desires of the Metro League, which are, Fitness training, Skills training (specifically in the form of on field game day skills and team development), And, . . . it was fun, with everyone hanging out for a couple of ‘refreshments’ afterwards. So by every measure it was a success with the only loss being those who where unable to attend.

Matt Heintze umpired and did a great job of clarifying the rules as he went. The contact was good without any injuries and a lot of great running and some great basic play skills started to develop as the game went on with the concept of position play and quick and accurate disposal of the ball starting to sink in to the newer guys as the essentials that they are.

Navy took an early lead with increased accuracy in their scoring and was up at half time,

Navy: 6 goals: 3 behinds : 39 points to
Golds: 2 goals: 7 behinds : 19 points

But Gold came back very strong in the second 2 quaters and ran away with the win though not much better on their accuracy with a final score of

Navy: 11 goals: 4 behinds : 70 points to
Golds: 13 goals: 15 behinds : 93 points

For those still unclear on the scoring a clean untouched kick through the center goal posts (even if it touches the ground) is a goal and = 6 points. If the ball is touched by another player or touches a post before it goes through, is carried through or is kicked through between one of the center taller posts and one of the outside shorter posts then it is called a behind and = 1 point. The final score then is a total of goals and behinds e.g. 1 goal and 1 behind = 6+1=7 and is showed as 1:1 : 7.

Player of the Week
This week goes to Matt McQueen for his general improvements as a player this week and specifically for his performance at the game on Sunday. Well Done Matt

Also an honerable mention to Mike Shaw for his 1st appearance for the year and also Ray Chastain. We understand that we’re all busy, but try to organize ahead to make the trainings and especially the matches. OUR FIRST NATIONAL LEAGUE GAME IS ONLY 4 WEEKS AWAY: APRIL 9th IN HOUSTON. Lets get training guys

Also, our special thanks to PEAK PERFORMANCE Physical Therapy for their sponsoship in supplying our new Jerseys for our Metro League Competition, which had their first use Sunday. We expect much more use of these in the weeks and hopefully years to come.

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