Rules of Contact: Whats Legal and Whats Not!!!

Aussie Rules Football is a full contact game of football, but with the focus on stopping the ball not just knocking the player to the ground, the contact rules are different than in American football. Contact is allowed in 3 types. Tackling, Shepherding (blocking) and Bumping, or also called a ‘hip and shoulder’. Have a look at the 3 clips below to see the rules on Aussie Rules Contact


Shepherding (Blocking)

Bumping (Hip and Shoulder)

Sunday saw the 2nd round of the Metro League held at a different location for recruiting and exposure reasons. Kathy Drive Pk just off of O’Neal Ln hosted us for the scrimmage, with the sounds of flag football in the background drowned out by our own screams of fun and frustration, and the Bus and PA blarring in the background. A good but tiring run saw Navy squeek ahead of Gold with a final score of

14:14: 98 to
13:16: 94

Everyone hung around for a BBQ and refreshments afterwards and a good arvo was had by all, including our pretty crowd or onlookers.

Player of the week went to BEACH one more time due to his depth of heart in coming out despite have gastro and having to go off in the 3rd quater. Goodonya Mate, nice effort!!!
Memorable mentions also need to go to Jonathan Johnston for his training and game efforts this week. You can train guys, but until you play you just don’t know this game or your team mates abilities.

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