Houston Road Trip 8/27/11

Houston Dustbowl
On Saturday morning 8/27/11 a couple of car loads of Tigers hit I-10 heading West for the 1st game of the Fall season. It was a HOT DRY day in Texas as the photo of the …. field…. if you could call it that (above) shows. But Houston’s numbers were good and with a few subs from them we had a good hard run, and not too suprisingly lost a little bark from our knees and elbows on the “Dustbowl” of a pitch.
The first half was rough on the Tigers with us taking some time to gel with the Houston subs. That, and their new 6’7″ 300lb ringer in the ruck kept us almost scoreless in the 1st half. But with a surprise showing of Mickey Klienhenz directing traffic from the sidelines and our guys getting a good feel of each others skills the second half was much closer. Unfortunately the 1st half lead was insurmountable and the Tigers went down 23 to 82.
After the game it was back to the hotel and then onto the Firken Pheonix for … refreshments, and after closing that down it was out for a little more reconnaissance until the late hours. Eventually a few hours sleep saw us ready for the drive back and another successful road trip (in everything except the final game score) came to a close. Two new guys had their first game so congrats to Tim Lala and Jarod Honeycutt who both did great and lost their Footy Cherries with the traditional Rookie Shot.
Coming up on 9/10/11 we’ll be hosting Atlanta and Houston here, then going tailgating at LSU for the NorthWesten game so stay tuned

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