Raising the Curtain on the 2013 USAFL Season

On March 23rd the Old Blue and Gold from Baton Rouge rode out to Houston to face the rival Lonestars in the first match of the season.  Due to prior commitments and illness, the Tigers traveled with a smaller than preferred squad, plus three additional players corralled by Dallas transplant Bassy.

The teams lined up in a 12-a-side match, with 20 minute quarters.  Houston supplied the Tigers with two additional substitutes from their deep bench, and the match was underway.

The Lonestars dominated the middle in the first ten minutes of the match, piling on a lead they’d defend the rest of the day.

Digging in their heels, the Tigers hit back through the end of the first quarter and the fat part of the second before succumbing to the narrow bench blues.  On fresher legs, the Lonestars assaulted the scoreboard again and galloped into halftime.

The match followed a similar pattern in the second half.  An armwrestle between the teams until the Baton Rouge hit E on the gas gauge and Houston ran out victorious.

Final (approximate) score: Houston 120, BR 61

BR B.O.G.: James “Seamus’s Pappy” Morris, Josh “Apple Pie Moonshine” Lat

Blooded: Josh “Apple Pie Moonshine” Lat

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