Upcoming Game: August 24th in Houston + Nationals Registration

Announcing our next game, against the Houston LoneStars on Saturday August 24th. Houston is such a great road trip cause it’s so close (it’s only one night away), we have a good friendly rivalry with the LoneStars and it’s always a fun night out.

So, clear your schedules for that weekend and lets bring a strong group of old salt and new recruits, kick some Houston butt and have a little fun afterwards. More details to come so stay tuned.

Also, Nationals are in Austin this year, Oct 12th and 13th. It’s the best Footy you’ll see (and get to play in) this year, so don’t miss out. To play you have to qualify and to qualify you need to acquire 6 points. You get points by playing games. 2 points for a regular match and 1 point for a scratch match (scrimmage), but you can’t start getting points until you register with US Footy and you can only use 2 points from scrimmages towards qualifying, so go to http://usafl.com/registration 

You can easily qualify in time by registering before the Houston Game, playing that game, the home September 21st game and a could of scrimmages,… again,… EASY.

But you have to register and until August 31st it’s still only $75. As we want as many people as possible to come to nationals it’s been decided that we will pass on the $60 club dues and prefer that you put that money towards Nationals Registration, But Do It SOON!!!

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