Interview with a Stebbing

<<Cue Ian Drury and the Blockheads, and the soothing crackling of a living room fire>>

I had a chance to sit and chat with the 2015 Baton Rouge Tiger’s Australian Rules Football Club Head Coach, or BRTARFC-HC for short. Who is the man behind the whistle?

Adam: Neilsy!!!

Neil: Adam, how ya goin?

A: You want a beer?

N: ****CENSORED****

A: So, what is your footy bio?

N: Played for Hadfield Primary school for 2 years and we were awesome. Won both the Football and Cricket grand finals. Went to Metro’s in both. Played for Hadfield Football Club U13’s and U15’s and we were crap. Mostly played as a midfielder. Played open age for St. Andrews Vic Amatuers FA as a wingmen and then Glenroy Football Club as a Full Back in the Essendon District FL.

A: Noice. What do you want from your footy future?

N: Want to see the BR Tigers get some consistent players. Want to teach football as I was taught which is getting the basics right.

A: That goes into my next question…what do you want from your players?

N: Hmmm good question. Get the basics down and to execute them well in a game. Make them believe in themselves build self confidence.

A: When we see you on the field, it’s obvious that you love the game,..what do you love about the game?

N: Gee wiz. Reading the play just love beating someone who I have out-read. The wide range of skills. The competition. Teammates who become friends

A: Let’s say someone actually reads this, what would you want to say to the players?

N: Be passionate about learning the basics this will hold you in good stead for your career

A: And what about the fans?

N: Enjoy watching us and come out. Get around us at the 3 breaks and pump us up. Enjoy the evening with us.

A: Thank mate. (To the waitress) Could we grab our bill? (Back to Neil) No…no…it’s on me.

Interview on Feb 26, by Adam Diaz

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