Two Tigers running loose in Baton Rouge, 3 if you count Mike


LSU has granted a probational status to the Australian Rules Football Club, an LSU Student Organization. The club comes just in time for Josh Growden to have to make a tough decision, although sources say that he’s leaning to towards the American football, football team.

Nonetheless, the student organization is a first step to creating a footy culture on campus. Luckily the Student Footy Club President contacted the Baton Rouge Tigers for some assistance with coaching and training.  This comes as a relief since the local Academy does not carry Sherrin or Burley balls.

We liked to wish a good luck to the Footy Club at LSU. If you’d like to get in touch with them for donations or participation, please contact Adam Diaz at

Non-alcoholic Cheers!

Mike: LSU Tiger
Mike: LSU Tiger

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