2016 Season Summary

It’s been quite some time since our last update, due in no small part to the massive flooding from August that affected and continues to affect the entire Baton Rouge area. Many Tigers were displaced from their homes, and everyone on the team was impacted in some form or fashion. However, this heavy burden was lightened due to the boundless generosity and support of the entire USAFL community, who donated over $3,000.00 so that those most affected could continue playing the game we all love.

The second half of the season started on a sour note, as the Atlanta Kookaburras lit up the scoreboards against a skeleton squad of Tigers to the tune of 19.24.138 to 5.8.38. Not to be perturbed, the Tigers used that loss as motivation and re-doubled their efforts leading up to their September 17th Tailgate game, when they hosted the Kooks and neighboring Houston Lonestars.

In an inspiring performance, the Tigers swept the weekend and finished their home and away schedule with a 3-3 record. In the first match of the day, they stunned the same Atlanta team that had dominated them only a month earlier by the score of 8.11.59 to 2.0.12. But perhaps the biggest surprise of the weekend was holding the always-impressive Lonestars to only two behinds in a 6.9.45 – 0.2.2 victory. For the complete game footage of this weekend’s action, click on the links below:

October 15th marked the first day of Nationals in Sarasota, Florida. In their first match against the Des Moines Roosters, the Tigers had a difficult time adjusting to playing with the Atlanta Kookaburras and found themselves down 3.6.24 to 0.3.3 at halftime. After gaining some familiarity with their new teammates, the “Kookatigers” outscored Des Moines 1.1.7 to 3.0.18 in the second half, falling just short as Des Moines secured a 4.7.31 to 3.3.21 victory. Bouncing back with a 5.4.34 to 3.5.23 win over the Denver Bulldogs later in the day, the Tigers ended the day in hot contention for the Division IV semifinal.

After some heartbreaking calculations, the Kookatigers just missed the semifinal and instead found themselves paired against the Tulsa Buffaloes in what would be their last game of the season. Determined to stake a claim for next year’s Nationals seeding, they blew past the Buffaloes with a final score of 11.4.70 to 1.0.6, finishing with a 2-1 record in the division.

After an inspiring 5-4 season, which included an undefeated home record, and having finished out the season with the 2016 Grand Final Party, our 2016 Annual Meeting, and having piled on the pounds during the holiday season, the Tigers will be returning to action in the coming weeks. Check back for updates on the 2017 training schedule or check out the Baton Rouge Tigers Australian Football Club on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/13181053834/. For any questions or to join the Baton Rouge Tigers for the 2017 season, please send an email to batonrougetigers@gmail.com


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