Training Info

Be sure to purchase a mouthguard before training on Thursday.  You never know when Joe’s going to go Barry Hall and hit someone in the mush.

Be at Highland Park at 6:15 to get loose before we begin training at 6:30, sharp.

Sunday Scratch Match this week!  Stretch your legs, lay some tackles, kick some goals.  Same place, but we’ll start at 4pm instead of 3pm.  Be there.

Season Kick-Off BBQ

The time to begin pre-season training is almost upon us.  But first, a barbecue for all current and interested players.

The festivities are set for this Friday, February 19th at 7 pm.  Location: 630 Royal St., Baton Rouge.  It’s in Beauregard Town, kind of behind the McDonald’s on Government.

The agenda?  Simple: meet and greet, eat, drink (BYOB), watch an AFL footy match.  Eat.

Come to meet some players, learn about the game, and watch a professional level match.  Bring your friends, you girlfriends, your grandmas.

Then, on Sunday afternoon, meet us at Westdale Elementary at 3pm to get a hands-on feel for the game.

Contact for any questions you may have.

Fun Run & Kick this Sunday

This Sunday we’ll have a light kick at the LSU Parade Grounds at 3pm.  This is a great opportunity for new players to get a feel for Aussie Rules Football in a no-stress environment and for veteran to stretch their legs and work off/clear space for Mardi Gras gluttony.

The weather outlook says 60 degrees, which will be a welcome respite from Louisiana snow and sleet.

Some of you will be out of town for New Orleans festivities, but for those of you still in town and recovering from the SpanishTown parade, come have a kick.

Happy Mardi Gras.

Dom’s Retirement…

Tues. May 12th, 2009

This Saturday the Tigers take on the Kookaburras of Atlanta at Clark Park at 1:00 pm. The Tigers are looking to start a winning streak after a strong win against the Austin Crows on May 2nd. This year has seen the rise of many new standout players. I will be expecting Aaron Larose, Tyler Smith, Nathan Lane, Taylor Braud, James Morris, and Dominic Pagel to once again have over-the-top performances this weekend. Larose has been dominant this year on-ball and has helped turn on our offense. Veteran players, Lane, Braud, and Smith, are playing extremely well across the middle and have been responsible for bringing the ball into our forward line. First year players Morris and Pagel had tremendous performances against Austin in the forward line and will be looked at this weekend to snag some goals for the Tigers.

Unfortunately this will be Pagel’s final game for the Tigers. Young Dom has been a dedicated Tiger since his joining of the club. He has always trained and played with high spirit and intensity. He shall be missed and we all wish him the best of luck as he travels to Western Australia for college.

Please join the Tigers once again at Puncher’s at 6:00 pm for an after game social. Puncher’s is located on Third St. and Laurel, downtown Baton Rouge. There will be all you can eat jambalaya and all you can drink beer. $20 for blokes, $5 for sheilas.