Great Run on Sunday

We had a good turn-out at the season’s first training session.  Although the drills were simple, the intensity was high and everyone, including the new guys: Nick, Lindy, and Darren, acquitted themselves well.

It’s important to lay down some fundamentals early in the season, so working on handball and kicking mechanics until they because monotonous is a good way build up the muscle memory.

Here are two videos breaking down these basic, essential skills.

Fun Run & Kick this Sunday

This Sunday we’ll have a light kick at the LSU Parade Grounds at 3pm.  This is a great opportunity for new players to get a feel for Aussie Rules Football in a no-stress environment and for veteran to stretch their legs and work off/clear space for Mardi Gras gluttony.

The weather outlook says 60 degrees, which will be a welcome respite from Louisiana snow and sleet.

Some of you will be out of town for New Orleans festivities, but for those of you still in town and recovering from the SpanishTown parade, come have a kick.

Happy Mardi Gras.