Happy New Year!

As we roll around to a new year we are getting ready for a new season of footy. Our first official practice will be held on January 19th at 1pm on the LSU Parade Grounds. Until then we will have the occasional pick up games of Ausball as well as Happy’s Running every Tuesday at 6:15pm at Happy’s Irish Pub on 3rd St. We are looking forward to another great season with a lot of new players that we have gathered during the offseason. As always potential new players are always welcome and now is a great time to come out to get the basics down before the season and training picks up.

Email us at batonrougetiger@gmail.com if you have any questions about the game or practices.

End of 2013 season

We’d like to thank everyone for all their hard work in 2013, it was a great year with us all having a lot of fun, some great games and really good fitness. Other than a casual kick of the footy on a weekend and some fitness over the holiday break, (we will still do the Happy’s Run every Tuesday) we’ll be taking some down time and will be starting up after the new year. As always potential new players are always welcome and now is a great time to come out to get the basics down.

Email us a batonrougetiger@gmail.com if you’d like some more info or just check back here soon

2013 Nationals October 19-20th: Austin TX

Yes, in just over 1 week Josh Cartmill(prez) and yours truly will be taking a team of Baton Rouge’s finest to combine with our good friends the Atlanta Kookaburra’s to play at the 2013 USAFL Nationals in Austin TX.
This will be the 8th time in 10 years that “The BR Tigers” will have played at Nationals, we’ve placed 2nd twice but have not yet come home with a divisional championship so maybe 2013 will be our year.

Stay tuned f0r updates over the weekend as we play Baltimore/Washington, Ohio/Milwaukee and  Golden Gate/Portland, and if we win our heat go to the divisional final against ?????

It’ll be a great, hard hitting and exhausting competition, but that’s what we live for so check back here and at our Facebook page as details become available.


And as always if this looks like fun to you then come join us for a run. Everyone welcome either for the full version or the non contact co-ed version of Ausball.

Contact us at batonrougetigers@gmail.com

Cheers Everyone

Sept 21st: Last Home Game for 2013

Come On, Come On… September 21st will be our last home game for 2013 with the Atlanta Kookaburra’s coming into town. It’ll be another early game due to the days still being hot, so we’ll be starting at 9:30am and will be done before 11:30. Free front row seats are still available for those who want them so bring a chair, bring a friend and maybe even some shade if you want it, thought some will be provided along with ice cold water :-).

It will be another good hard match with the Tigers seeking revenge following the close loss against Atlanta earlier in the year, so some hard running, hard hitting and high flying action will be guaranteed.

Then,… we will again be tailgating on the LSU parade grounds with both teams, starting at 2 pm with Jambalaya, salad, beer, water and soda’s for the 1st home SEC game of the year with LSU Vs AUBURN. Again grab a friend and join us for the other thing we do so well here in Louisiana, PARTY!!! We will be accepting donations for the all inclusive tailgate ($20 for guys and $10 for girls) but it’s free to just come and hang out and everyone is welcome

Again there will be more Aussie Football this year with Nationals in Austin in Oct 19th and 20th and Austball continuing every Thursday (Non Contact/Co-Ed Aussie Rules) with warm up at 6 pm and games at 6:30, but this is the LAST HOME USAFL Nationals level Aussie Rules game of 2013. So if you want to see some Aussie Football, then come join us

Sept 7th: Home Game Houston Lonestars Vs Baton Rouge Tigers

Saturday September 7th the Houston Lonestars will be traveling to play us at our home field of Clark Park with the game starting at 10am. We will play our usual hard, full contact version of Aussie Rules Football finishing up before noon and then will be going down to tailgate on the LSU parade grounds for LSU Vs UAB game. Tailgate will start at 2pm and go till…. So come join us for an exciting game of Aussie Rules Football and then come hang out with both teams afterwards for some great LSU tailgating. This will be our second to last home game for 2013 so don’t miss out.

Upcoming Game: August 24th in Houston + Nationals Registration

Announcing our next game, against the Houston LoneStars on Saturday August 24th. Houston is such a great road trip cause it’s so close (it’s only one night away), we have a good friendly rivalry with the LoneStars and it’s always a fun night out.

So, clear your schedules for that weekend and lets bring a strong group of old salt and new recruits, kick some Houston butt and have a little fun afterwards. More details to come so stay tuned.

Also, Nationals are in Austin this year, Oct 12th and 13th. It’s the best Footy you’ll see (and get to play in) this year, so don’t miss out. To play you have to qualify and to qualify you need to acquire 6 points. You get points by playing games. 2 points for a regular match and 1 point for a scratch match (scrimmage), but you can’t start getting points until you register with US Footy and you can only use 2 points from scrimmages towards qualifying, so go to http://usafl.com/registration 

You can easily qualify in time by registering before the Houston Game, playing that game, the home September 21st game and a could of scrimmages,… again,… EASY.

But you have to register and until August 31st it’s still only $75. As we want as many people as possible to come to nationals it’s been decided that we will pass on the $60 club dues and prefer that you put that money towards Nationals Registration, But Do It SOON!!!

Second Away Match: Atlanta Kookaburras

The Baton Rouge Tigers can stand tall after a resilient showing against the Atlanta Kookaburras this past weekend.

Low numbers from both teams meant the squads elected to play 10s on the deceptively large field. The Kookas supplied two players to bring the Tigers’ roster to ten and off they went.

Playing without their first choice ruck and missing a few key position players, the Tigers still managed to draw first blood by corralling the first hit-out and pumping the ball into the forward line.

After the initial blow, the Kookas began to dominate the hit-outs despite the best efforts of Josh “Don’t Call Me Squirts Anymore” Cartmill and Tyler “Career Goal Tally Still Standing at One” Smith.  But with the Tigers midfield shifting to a defensive strategy, the Boys in Blue kept the center clearances close to even for much of the match.

While the Kookas membership may be down this season, their core group still boasts a number of savvy veterans.  Their ability to make smart leads and create advantages in numbers at contests allowed them to head into half-time with an eight-goal lead.

With the sun pounding down, the Tigers vowed to put in their full effort in the premiership quarter and were rewarded by putting up four goals to Atlanta’s one.

On the deceptively large field, both squads burned their jet fuel quickly, but Baton Rouge pressed a slight fitness advantage with Josh “What, I Like Wine Festivals” Lat dominating contests in the backline and Stephen “I Guarantee I’ll Cramp in the Fourth” Bass playing a cool hand around the pitch.

Kookas legend Wayne “Did Ya See Ablett’s Snap Shot” Kraska generously threw on a Tigers guernsey in the second half and chipped in a few classy goals.

It was a good quarter to be a Tiger, with the defense stiffening and the midfield supplying the forwards with aplomb.

However, the Kookas held firm in the fourth. With superior experience and the advantage of substitute legs, they proved the better side on the day as they ran out eventual six-goal winners.

While no one’s happy with chalking up a loss, there were plenty of bright spots across the field for the Tigers. Every man played to both his skill and fitness levels. Increased passing skills have allowed the Tigers to nearly abandon a desperate gameplan of smashing the ball forward and hoping for the best.

Omari “Only Girls Sleep on the Floor” Maiden brought down some key marks and showed keen awareness of game flow by looking for men running past.

Joe “Why Are You Rubbing Your Legs” Roy brought his usual muscle to contests and found space in the forward lines.

Rob “Don’t Worry How I Paid for the New Tire” Montanaro ran through cramping legs to provide a target in the forward line and a steadying hand in the backline.

Neil “I Love Men in Blue and I’m Not Talking About Carlton” Stebbing collected touches around the pitch and played a hand in a number of key plays in the forward lines.

Lat showed a natural sense of backline play by spoiling a number of marks and rampaging into the midfield.

Bass, despite his own impending cramps, impacted the game around the pitch. He ran on-ball, split the goalposts, and rebounded in the backline.

Smith managed only one “out on the full” on the day.

Cartmill, the Tigers’ best-on-ground, won taps, burst through packs, and showed an iron-headedness not seen since Mickey Kleinhenz pulled on the navy and gold.

A big thanks to the Kookaburras for putting on the match and tailgate. A sincere apology from Baton Rouge for missing the latter–trying to beat both the Kookaburras and the apocalyptic ATL traffic meant a bunch of rooted Tigers just struggling to stay on their feet.

Raising the Curtain on the 2013 USAFL Season

On March 23rd the Old Blue and Gold from Baton Rouge rode out to Houston to face the rival Lonestars in the first match of the season.  Due to prior commitments and illness, the Tigers traveled with a smaller than preferred squad, plus three additional players corralled by Dallas transplant Bassy.

The teams lined up in a 12-a-side match, with 20 minute quarters.  Houston supplied the Tigers with two additional substitutes from their deep bench, and the match was underway.

The Lonestars dominated the middle in the first ten minutes of the match, piling on a lead they’d defend the rest of the day.

Digging in their heels, the Tigers hit back through the end of the first quarter and the fat part of the second before succumbing to the narrow bench blues.  On fresher legs, the Lonestars assaulted the scoreboard again and galloped into halftime.

The match followed a similar pattern in the second half.  An armwrestle between the teams until the Baton Rouge hit E on the gas gauge and Houston ran out victorious.

Final (approximate) score: Houston 120, BR 61

BR B.O.G.: James “Seamus’s Pappy” Morris, Josh “Apple Pie Moonshine” Lat

Blooded: Josh “Apple Pie Moonshine” Lat

Welcome, 2013 Tigers

After an off-season spent restructuring the club, the 2013 Baton Rouge Tigers Australian Rules football club is debuting our new month-long community-wide preseason event, the 30-Day Challenge before starting training in earnest in preparation for our first match, an away tilt against familiar foes, the Houston Lonestars.

After a long tenure as team president, dedicated clubman Roberto Guiseppi Montanaro stepped down to allow new growth in the team and to dedicate himself to breaking his 47 minute PR in the 5k.

Demonstrating the amount of work “Zulu” put into the club, it took a squadron of Tigers to replace him.  The new leadership group:

Josh Cartmill — President
Neil Stebbing — Vice-President
Taylor Braud — Special Assistant to the Vice President
Keith Fleniken — social co-chair
Bluto Mahoney — social co-chair
Robert Montaro — treasurer (someone has to watch the accounts…)

Joe Roy has accepted the assistant coach position to aid current head coach Tyler Smith.

As always, the Tigers will accept anyone in the club throughout the season regardless of age or fitness level.  You put in the time, and we’ll teach you how to play the most dynamic sport on planet Earth.