Past Players

Past and Present Tigers:

Patrick Muller “The Vanilla Gorilla” – Tigers Original Founder

Mick Coyne “Coynee”/ “swimmer Mick” / “Little Mick” – Tigers Original Founder

Rob “Zulu” Montanaro, El Presidente, full-back, – Tigers Original Founder

Josh “Squirts” Cartmill

Neil “Legend” Stebbing, full-forward/full-back

Joe “Joe Joe Blue Steel” Roy, quiet riot, forward

John “Like A Rolling Stone” Zimmerman, forward

Daniel “Let me take a selfie” Hill, halfback/midfield

Keith “Keithy” Fleniken

Daryl “The Silent Menace” Link

Adam “No Nickname” Diaz

Josh “Lat not Matt” Lat

Matt “Baked Beans” Heintze

Japheth “Japhy” Dupuis

Billy “Deeboe” France

Jeff  “Peepers” Phillips,  forward pocket

Kenny “SuperFit”/”Tats” Delucca, all over the field

Taylor “Flea” Braud, gentleman, wing

Seb Prohn

Sean “Rooster” Sabotka

LJ Eve

Michael “Big Mick” Lawrence

Matthew Boyd

Ryan Meyer (Brown Eye, Momma’s Boy)

Brian Petitmernet

Tim “Token” NesSmith

Henry “Hank” Yoes

Geoff Grice

Guy St.Amant

Micheal “Pele” Buchner

James “Jimmy” Trevaskis

Nick “Yatzi” Piechocki

Paul “Naps” Napolotano

Anthony “Ace” Civitarese

Micheal “Girthy” Patterson

Troy “Madman” Redman

Aaron “Conan” LaRose, washboard player, midfield/half-back

Mickey “Fit Mick” Kleinhenz, herpitologist, midfield/half-back

Nathan “Mop” Lane, scientist, midfield

James “Irish” Morris, Irishman, full-forward

James “Minnesota” Kavanaugh, Minnesotan, half-back

Bo “Bolicious” Hilty, father, ruck

Jordan “JJ” Woods, compression shorts-wearer, half-back/ruck

Jeff  “Stoneman” Horn, rock-seller, forward

Ruben “Ru-BEN” Nambo, Texan, midfield

Ray “Rugby” Chastain, deceptively fit, back

Mason “Suri” Adams, pass those MCATs, forward/midfield

Daren “Dazza” Duhnke, ruck?

Lindbergh “Lindy” Dentinger, forward pocket

Nick “Dozer” Cantrelle, back

Jacob “Scatback” Dufrene, midfield/halfback

Jason Wynn “WIN’ Smith, half-forward, halfback

Mike ‘The ROTC Tiger’ Shaw, halfback flank

Lee ‘General’ Vanderlick, half forward/back flank

Chris ‘Spider’ Valderamma, Wing

John ‘Little Horny” McLinn, half forward flank/forward pocket

Matthew McQueen, Midfield

David Beach, Midfield

James “Beibs” Myers, Midfield

Tyler “Honey Bun” Smith

Stephen “Bassy” Bass

Tim “Scuba Steve” Dellwo

“Abhi” Bharad

Roy “That guy” Bird

Lady Tigers

Nicki “Tricky” Klein

Robin Cobb

Emily Nemens

Heather “Harley” Brand

Amber Able 

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