Players of the Week: March 9th

We have four noteworthy Tigers this week:

Jacob Dufrene, a newcomer, showed good speed, agility, and hardness at the ball, especially in packs.  Good stuff for a new player.

Rugby Ray impressed last summer when he came out to conditioning sessions and quickly established his fitness.  This week he bagged about 6 goals during the scratch match using both feet and from different angles.

Roo-ben sparked the team with his enthusiasm, but also impressed by routinely by following his passes up the field for support/opportunity to receive a handball.  This is a match-winning skill and one that is a testament to fitness, but mostly desire.

Minnesota James continues to flourish in a defensive and midfield role by doing the little things: spoiling marks when caught behind, supporting teammates, and working hard in training to build on his already considerable fitness.

Good job, fellas.

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