Player Profile: Michael Cussen


Name:           Michael Cussen
Hometown:  Melbourne, Australia
Height:          6’0″      Weight:   200 lbs.
Favorite AFL Team:   Essendon Bombers

A free agent acquisition last year from the Land of Oz, Michael Cussen quickly became a key pillar of a resurgent Baton Rouge Tigers team in 2016, demonstrating great leadership both on the field and off as he was instrumental in the Tigers ability to hold the Houston Lonestars to just two behinds in their first game back after the flooding that year, as well as playing a central role in the Tigers winning 2 out of 3 games in Sarasota.

Mike will be returning to his hometown in just a few short days, but certainly left an impression before doing so, and no example was more clear than when he took perhaps the most spectacular mark in Tigers’ history two weekends ago in our third Metro League game of the season.

To a great teammate, great friend, and all-around great human being, Mike, you will be sorely missed. Best of luck in all your future endeavors and I hope you always look on your time in Baton Rouge fondly.


Players of the Week: March 9th

We have four noteworthy Tigers this week:

Jacob Dufrene, a newcomer, showed good speed, agility, and hardness at the ball, especially in packs.  Good stuff for a new player.

Rugby Ray impressed last summer when he came out to conditioning sessions and quickly established his fitness.  This week he bagged about 6 goals during the scratch match using both feet and from different angles.

Roo-ben sparked the team with his enthusiasm, but also impressed by routinely by following his passes up the field for support/opportunity to receive a handball.  This is a match-winning skill and one that is a testament to fitness, but mostly desire.

Minnesota James continues to flourish in a defensive and midfield role by doing the little things: spoiling marks when caught behind, supporting teammates, and working hard in training to build on his already considerable fitness.

Good job, fellas.

Players of the Week

This week we’ve got a number of players to mention, led by our three new recruits: Lindy, Darren, and Nick.

All three have shown a willingness to run hard in drills and work through the awkwardness of learning new skills, but they’ve been impressive in just a few short practices.  They look like a physical bunch.  We may even have a new ruckman.

Joe Roy’s been working on his fitness and has looked sharp skills-wise this week.

Johnny Z’s also look sharp in training.  You can tell he’s keeping a strict focus during drills.