Round # 5 Metro League Match 5/31/11

After a big win in Ft. Lauderdale and the upcoming matches against Austin and Dallas, Navy and Gold met up for round #5 of the Metro League comp. Rucks started well out of the center for both teams, with Navy getting most of the tap outs with new potential Ruckman Josh Cartmill, but Gold getting it out of the middle more often with quick rover Cardio Kenny. Gold started off with a quick lead but after some coaching out of the center Navy closed the gap at half time to
9:5:59 (Gold) to
4:2:26 (Navy)

A few quick position changes in the center for Gold kept the score moving forward in the second half. Navy, though never giving up, and continuing to fight hard right til the end, had ongoing difficulty getting the ball out of the center and with frequent turnovers had difficulty scoring. This lead to a run away score by Gold by the end of the game and a thumping final score of
Gold 21:7:133 to
Navy 7:6:48.

This breaks the previous stalemate and lets Gold sneak ahead 3 wins to Navy’s 2 to lead the Metro League. No injuries and good game experience were the real winners for both teams and a few refreshments were enjoyed afterwards. A good format for more Metro Matches to come

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