Local Metro League Draft Picks Completed: Teams are Set

Hey Guys,

We had a very physical training session last night with some really good accuracy on both kicking, passing and good fitness. Game and field positional awareness still need to be improved on, both individually and as a team, but that’s what training is for. So keep coming out, cause fitness training on your own will not develop these skills.

Following training we had the 2012 draft pics for our Local Metro Comp. Team for 2012 are

Gold Team

Taylor Braud (Captain)
David Beach
Matt Heintze
Irish James
Tim Lala
Aaron Larose
Omari Maiden
Daniel Mikaelson
Rob Montanaro
James Myers
Neil Stebbing
Tyler Smith

Navy Team 

Joe Roy (Captain)
Josh Cartmill
Kenny Delucca
Keith Fleinkin
Jeffrey Phillips
Jarod Honeycutt
Jeff Horn
John Laddner
Pat McClure
Matt McQueen
Jason Wynn Smith
John Zimmerman

So it’s now time for the FUN to start. Our Ist Scrimmage game is this Sunday March 25th, Warm up at 3, Game at 4. Teams keep track of your players, it’s up to you to make sure they show up. Inadequate numbers means an automatic forfeit. If your name isn’t on the list it’s only cause you haven’t made enough training session to meet your eligability. Keep coming and you’ll be playing before you know it.

You’ve all trained hard to get here, this is some of the most fun stuff we do, and where we develop our team game skills to play our National level games so make sure you show up and bring your mouth gaurd and cleats.

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