1st Metro League Game 3/25/12

Sunday arvo Navy and Gold met on the field for the 1st Metro League match of 2012. With good numbers on a warm spring day the teams, after a good warm up, faced off against each other to see how much of the past few weeks of fitness and skills training had actually sunk in, and everyone was excited to see that a lot of it had!!!

The 1st quarter saw Gold coordinating well out of the ruck with Flea, Tim Lala and Irish worked well together with good position play and leading options, to out score Navy by 4.1. 17 to 1.1. 7.  But Navy regrouped in the 2nd and 3rd quarters putting on some good flowing offensive and defensive plays to bring it back to a tight 7 point game at 3/4 time with Gold 8.5.  37 to Navy’s 7.4. 30.

The final quarter saw Big Rob dominating in the ruck (ha ha) until he was taken out by a few good hits from Joey (Blue Steel) Roy. But fitness and coordination out of the center led Gold to break away (despite some great moments from Navy) to a smashing victory, out scoring Navy by 4 goals in the last minutes to a final score of

Gold 13.8. 84
Navy 8.6. 52

Everyone thought that the flow of the game was a great improvement over past showings, but as always there are more improvements to be made. A special congratulations goes out to the 4 new guys that played their 1st ever game of Aussie football, John Ladner, Patrick McClure, Keith Fleniken and Omari Maiden. Just awesome to see you all out there guys. Glad you got to see some of the skills we’ve been developing in training put to good use in a real game situation.

Training again Tuesday,  so see you all there. We’ve made a great start guys, lets keep it going. We’ve got a lot more to work on and our 1st Nationals Level game is just 2.5 weeks away. BR Vs Houston @ Houston Sat April 14th

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