Sept 21st: Last Home Game for 2013

Come On, Come On… September 21st will be our last home game for 2013 with the Atlanta Kookaburra’s coming into town. It’ll be another early game due to the days still being hot, so we’ll be starting at 9:30am and will be done before 11:30. Free front row seats are still available for those who want them so bring a chair, bring a friend and maybe even some shade if you want it, thought some will be provided along with ice cold water :-).

It will be another good hard match with the Tigers seeking revenge following the close loss against Atlanta earlier in the year, so some hard running, hard hitting and high flying action will be guaranteed.

Then,… we will again be tailgating on the LSU parade grounds with both teams, starting at 2 pm with Jambalaya, salad, beer, water and soda’s for the 1st home SEC game of the year with LSU Vs AUBURN. Again grab a friend and join us for the other thing we do so well here in Louisiana, PARTY!!! We will be accepting donations for the all inclusive tailgate ($20 for guys and $10 for girls) but it’s free to just come and hang out and everyone is welcome

Again there will be more Aussie Football this year with Nationals in Austin in Oct 19th and 20th and Austball continuing every Thursday (Non Contact/Co-Ed Aussie Rules) with warm up at 6 pm and games at 6:30, but this is the LAST HOME USAFL Nationals level Aussie Rules game of 2013. So if you want to see some Aussie Football, then come join us

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