2013 Nationals October 19-20th: Austin TX

Yes, in just over 1 week Josh Cartmill(prez) and yours truly will be taking a team of Baton Rouge’s finest to combine with our good friends the Atlanta Kookaburra’s to play at the 2013 USAFL Nationals in Austin TX.
This will be the 8th time in 10 years that “The BR Tigers” will have played at Nationals, we’ve placed 2nd twice but have not yet come home with a divisional championship so maybe 2013 will be our year.

Stay tuned f0r updates over the weekend as we play Baltimore/Washington, Ohio/Milwaukee and  Golden Gate/Portland, and if we win our heat go to the divisional final against ?????

It’ll be a great, hard hitting and exhausting competition, but that’s what we live for so check back here and at our Facebook page as details become available.


And as always if this looks like fun to you then come join us for a run. Everyone welcome either for the full version or the non contact co-ed version of Ausball.

Contact us at batonrougetigers@gmail.com

Cheers Everyone

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