Central Regional Tournament

The Tigers travelled to Nashville earlier this month to pair up with the Des Moines Roosters as the two clubs took to the field in some USAFL action, hoping to improve on last year’s disappointing 0-3 performance in Little Rock.

The first match of the day pit the “Tiger-Cocks” against the Oklahoma Footy Club, a combination of the Oklahoma City Flyers and Tulsa Buffaloes (whom the Tigers played in Houston in the spring). It was a hotly contested first half with plenty of field changes and scarce scoring, but at the intermission, our squad led 2.2.14 to 1.1.7. Fresh legs and fitness proved to be the difference in the second half, as the home team pulled away to the tune of 7.4.46 1.4.10.

The second match did not go quite so well. Playing against a dangerous and decorated Ohio Valley club, the Tiger-Cocks just couldn’t keep up. Although the Tigers only trailed 3.2.20 to 1.2.8 at the half, they were never able to close that gap and kicking inaccuracy cost them down the stretch, as they lost 8.6.54 to 2.8.20.

After a brief pause to grab some lunch, the players jumped back into their third match of the day against Atlanta, whose club featured a plethora of new faces thanks to their AFLS movement. Unfortunately for their squad, youth played a huge factor in the outcome, as the Tiger-Cocks cruised by 12.19.91 to 0.1.1.


The Tigers were represented by:
#3 – Ryan Moran
#18 – Josh Cartmill
#27 – Rob Montanaro
#37 – Brady Moran
#41 – Stuart Johnson
#43 – Lachlan McQueen
#63 – Cole Hilgenkamp

***Check back in for additional footage of the tournament as it becomes available.



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