Game Recap: Atlanta

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The Tigers took to the road over the weekend for the second time this season, traveling to Atlanta for a showdown against the rival Kookaburras. They were greeted by plenty of familiar faces, many of whom they had played alongside just a few short months ago at Nationals. One of whom even played as a Tiger last year. Nice to see you Kyler!

Expectations were tempered as the Tigers approached Candler Park. The trip to Atlanta has seldom been kind to the visitors, and last year was particularly lopsided. The Tigers were determined not to repeat those results and came out firing on all cylinders.

The Tigers played aggressive footy right out of the gate, winning the stoppages and locking the ball in their forward half for most of the first quarter.  This early intensity resulted in the Tigers leading the Kookaburras by 7 points at quarter time, 2.2.14 to 1.1.7. In the 2nd quarter, the Tigers were just a little less accurate in front of goal and Atlanta took the lead 4.2.26 to 2.4.16.  At three quarter time, Atlanta’s lead remained the same (6.4.39 to 4.5.29).

The fourth quarter proved to be a struggle for Baton Rouge, as the speed of Atlanta’s midfield and the depth of its bench began to take its toll on the traveling Tigers. On seemingly fresher legs, the Kookaburras kicked 6.0 for the final term.  Whereas, the Tigers faded down the stretch kicking only 1.1.  Final Score: Atlanta 12.4.76 to Baton Rouge 5.6.36. Tigers Best: Lachlan McQueen

Following the match, both clubs and their supporters gathered at The Bird to drink away the bumps and bruises celebrate another footy weekend gone by. The Tigers now have three weeks to lick their wounds, gather their focus, and meditate on lessons learned from this defeat before traveling to Little Rock for the Central Regional Tournament and the end of the first half of the 2017 season.

Next Up: Atlanta Kookaburras

dsc_0022.jpgAfter a longer-than-expected break, the Tigers are eager to get back into action as they travel to Atlanta this weekend to face the Kookaburras.

These two teams are intimately familiar with each other, having faced off twice in 2016 before joining forces in Sarasota for an impressive run in the National Tournament.

In each of their previous matches, the home team dominated, with Atlanta dismantling the Tigers in August to the tune of 19.24.138 to 5.8.38, and Baton Rouge returning serve a month later, demolishing the visitors 8.11.59 to 2.0.12 in their first game after the 2016 floods. The Tigers hope to buck that trend with a road win this weekend, but know that a win will not come easily against a resilient Kookaburras squad.

No matter the outcome, this promises to be a great weekend of camaraderie and competition out at Candler Park. Tip-off is at 2:00 Eastern time, so keep your eyes open for score updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Player Profile: Michael Cussen


Name:           Michael Cussen
Hometown:  Melbourne, Australia
Height:          6’0″      Weight:   200 lbs.
Favorite AFL Team:   Essendon Bombers

A free agent acquisition last year from the Land of Oz, Michael Cussen quickly became a key pillar of a resurgent Baton Rouge Tigers team in 2016, demonstrating great leadership both on the field and off as he was instrumental in the Tigers ability to hold the Houston Lonestars to just two behinds in their first game back after the flooding that year, as well as playing a central role in the Tigers winning 2 out of 3 games in Sarasota.

Mike will be returning to his hometown in just a few short days, but certainly left an impression before doing so, and no example was more clear than when he took perhaps the most spectacular mark in Tigers’ history two weekends ago in our third Metro League game of the season.

To a great teammate, great friend, and all-around great human being, Mike, you will be sorely missed. Best of luck in all your future endeavors and I hope you always look on your time in Baton Rouge fondly.


Player Profile: Ryan Baldassaro


Name:           Ryan “Baldy” Baldassaro
Hometown:  New Orleans, Louisiana
Height:          5’10”      Weight:   170 lbs.
Favorite AFL Team:   Fremantle Dockers

A third year veteran, and distinguished as the best on field for the Tigers in their recent matchup against Houston, Ryan Baldassaro sports the No. 5 jersey and can frequently be found flying around the midfield and causing havoc for opposing teams. An aggressive player who’s swift to the ball, Ryan is fearless at the point of contact, but can sometimes get caught up spectating as the play progresses.

When the mouthguard comes out, Ryan is busy finishing up his final year at LSU, where he will soon be graduating and pursuing a career in construction management.



This Just In: Tampa Match Postponed

Due to factors beyond control, the St. Pete Swans will be unable to make the trip to Baton Rouge this coming weekend and instead will be coming into town September 23rd with the Atlanta Kookaburras.

But footy will be played in Baton Rouge this Saturday, as the Tigers will take the field for their third Metro League game of the season. So come on out to Westdale Middle School at 2:00 on Saturday, May 6th to see the Tigers in action!

The afterparty will still commence at Happy’s Downtown starting at 5:00, so be sure to stop in for some lip-smackin’ jambalaya and happy hour specials all night long!